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Monkey Sanctuary Tour


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Service Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy as follows:
7 days or less – 25% of the deposit/total amount paid.
48 hours or less – 50% of the deposit/total amount paid.
24 hours or less – 100% of the deposit/total amount paid.
In event of the client already started the program but decide to stop or not continue with the activity there will be NO REFUND
Free entrance on your birthday only valid for SA Citizens when presenting SA ID/Drivers Licence

I hereby undertake to abide by the following terms and conditions of operations and indemnity:

1) Obey all instructions from Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary officials and staff at all times.
2) Not feed, nor try to touch, nor touch any animal on the premises.
3) Not enter the main monkey enclosure or any other enclosure without being accompanied by the authorized guide appointed to me.
4) No pets, monkeys, dogs, animals or firearms of any description are allowed anywhere on the property of Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary. Firearms must be declared at reception.
5) No food permitted within the monkey enclosure. No smoking, eating or drinking whatsoever during the Monkey Tour ie. within the Monkey enclosure.
6) The copyright to all photographs, both still and moving, remains vested in Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary and may not be used for any commercial purposes. For authorized commercial purposes, a release form must be filled out and signed by Management.
7) No children may join the Monkey Tour without the authorization and presence of an adult taking care of such child. School Tours must be with a parent-signed authorization and will take place with the authorized teachers accompanying the children.
8) I understand that I am obliged to notify Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary of any medical condition particularly nervous disorders and fear of heights.
9) Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary reserves the right to not permit a guest entrance to the premises and/or entrance to the monkey enclosure if they feel such person will be placed at unnecessary risk to themselves, the primates, the environment or other people.
10) Each adult must sign the indemnity form and the legal guardian, parent or consenting adult must sign for each child.
11) All visitors (paying or otherwise) are required to sign an indemnity form.

Right of admission is reserved. Every person (whether a paying guest or otherwise) enters Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary at their own risk and such person/their Executors/Heirs/any other representative third party may not claim from, nor undertake legal action against Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary, its subsidiaries, affiliates, its owners, members, employees, guides, helpers or agents for any incident or cause whatsoever in connection with damage to property, injury or death arising from an accident or negligence of Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary, its subsidiaries, affiliates, its owners, members, employees, guides, helpers or agents either due to such person’s presence on the premises of Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary or as a result of such person’s participation in any activity/monkey tour/walk on elevated wooden walkways as organized by Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary. Further Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary, its subsidiaries, affiliates, its owners, members, employees, guides, helpers or agents cannot be held liable for damage or injury to or death of any person and/ or damage to or loss of vehicles through theft or other property caused by the conditions of roads and/or by animals and/or by the act or omission of its agents or servants, whether negligently and/ or by any other cause whatsoever.

The Monkey Tour

1) I am aware that the monkey tour is conducted on elevated wooden walkways and suspension bridges, some of which are 35 meters above the ground.
2) I understand that the monkey tour is offered for the purposes of enhancing my understanding of monkeys as they are in a free roaming environment as opposed to offering an interactive (touch, feel and feed) experience.
3) I understand that touching monkeys may cause risk to their health and that humanizing them can threaten their long-term ability to remain in a free-roaming environment where they can be viewed by members of the public.
4) I realize that due to the walkways being elevated, there may be a risk of falling if I climb over or through the safety railings. In view of this, I understand that I need to watch where I am walking and am personally liable for the control and safety of my own children. I acknowledge that no running is allowed on the walkways or within the monkey enclosure.
5) I acknowledge Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary only permits a maximum of 2 people accompanied by a guide on either/both of the suspension bridges at one time. Further to this, I resolve not to bounce or rock or cause said bridges to sway unnecessarily. I understand that I may request not to go across any of the bridges if I choose, for any reason, not to.
6) I further declare that I am prepared to act responsibly at all times.
7) I declare that my name and particulars entered onto this form are the truth and acknowledge that should I provide false information that I am liable for prosecution for acting fraudulently.
I freely and willfully agree to all the terms and conditions under which the activity is being conducted. I hereby agree all information is true and correct and I have read and understand the above.

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